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The annual Georgia School of Addiction Studies offers a unique opportunity for professional development, information exchange, and networking. It is designed to address the need for knowledge and skill development through advanced training.

The Georgia School grew from many years of experience with and support of the Southeastern School of Alcohol and Drug Studies, which was among the oldest existing regional training events of its kind.

The Georgia School will continue to faithfully listen to the needs of participants and diligently work to create a positive learning environment that has been an important part of the training of thousands of substance abuse professionals. The annual conference promises to help participants return to their community ready to roll up their sleeves with renewed energy, motivation, and commitment.

The purpose and objectives of the Georgia School of Addiction Studies shall be:

  • To foster and maintain the integrity of substance abuse related services by assisting in providing continuing training and educational programs for human service professionals whose duties include law enforcement, prevention, intervention, treatment, child welfare, victim’s services, probation, courts, education, and rehabilitation or related social services.

  • To promote a broader understanding of response to, and acceptance of, the process of addiction and its impact in the areas of health, family, community, crime and the work place.

  • To encourage the exchange of professional knowledge through educational conferences and programs of continuing education.

  • To encourage, establish, and maintain high standards of professional education and training for all component groups of the human service community.

  • To involve federal, state, and local agencies/organizations in efforts to enhance the development of a comprehensive continuing educational program focusing on substance abuse prevention and treatment issues.

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